Best bike lock for anti-theft – Strong and practical locks for bicycle (2023)

Discover the comparative ranking of the best bike lock. What is the best U-shaped security? Which U-lock, kryptonite or anti-theft chain to choose for my bike? What is the best folding bike lock for anti-theft?

A bike lock is an anti-theft device adapted to the specificities of a bicycle. Different types of models exist, offering greater or lesser protection. The choice of a good strong and resistant antitheft is decisive. There are dozens of models on the market. Choosing the right bike lock for anti-theft depends on your preferences in terms of use and your budget. To help you choose, we have classified for you the best models in each category: U lock, folding anti-theft, kryptonite, and Anti-theft chain. Our ranking is based on dozens of hours of test results analysis on different sites and user reviews.

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Types of bike lock

There are currently 3 different types of antitheft devices or locks available in the market. We will try to explain them all. Let’s start.

U-bike lock

A U-shaped lock is like a giant padlock that attaches to the frame of the bike. A U-lock offers a good compromise between price, convenience, and security. It offers a high level of protection. It is cheaper, lighter, and a little more practical than an anti-theft chain.

But this type of lock is more difficult to transport because of its rigidity. And the limited size of the U makes fastening more difficult. But U-shaped locks are a timeless product for bike protection, and that’s not without reason. No part is mobile outside the closing mechanism.

U-lock costs around 40 $ for an entry-level model and100 $ for the safest models. Size and thickness are the most important criteria for choosing a model.

Folding bike lock

A foldable antitheft device consists of a series of metal plates interconnected by rivets. The rivets allow the plates to rotate so that the lock can bend for transport or unfold to attach the bike.

A folding lock is a bit lighter than a U-lock with a similar level of security. The length and flexibility of this type of security make it a little easier to attach the bike. But this type of lock is less flexible than a chain and therefore less easy to use on large poles.

A folding lock is especially convenient to carry because it takes up little space. The carrying case can be fixed around the frame. The brand Abus is the inventor of this type of lock and offers the best models.

Bike lock chains

An anti-theft chain is easier to carry than a U-lock. It also makes it easy to attach the bike around large posts, for example. But an anti-theft chain costs more and is very heavy. The safest anti-theft chains are more than 12 mm thick. A big chain probably offers the best security to attach a bike. But these chains are so heavy and so cumbersome that it is better to use them when the bike is attached for a long time.

As with a U-lock, size and thickness are the most important criteria in choosing a chain lock.

Best selling bike locks to secure the security of your bicycle

The best anti-theft chain for bicycles is the most effective antidote to defend against thieves. We burglarized some padlocks for bikes to see the most reliable bicycle lock. The result? Here are our views on this purchasing guide!

ABUS Granit X-Plus 540

Best bike lock for anti-theft – Strong and practical locks for bicycle (1)

The best U-lock is Abus Granit X-Plus 540. It is the most resistant and the most up-to-date antitheft lock in the ABUS range of bike locks. This U lock is the best on the market according to several tests. Despite its weight, it is the most lightweight high-security U-lock yet. This lock has patented security with its square parabolic hardened handle 13 mm in diameter. This handle makes the antitheft more resistant, and it becomes more difficult to attack it with tools, to steal.

The price is high but the quality is excellent. If you have a bike that costs more than 1000 dollars like an electric bike, this is the accessory you need.

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Kryptonite KryptoLok Series 2

Best bike lock for anti-theft – Strong and practical locks for bicycle (2)

This system with flexible cable and U-clamp offers excellent value for money. It is a serious product for a suitable price (less than 50 dollars). The U lock is solid and the cable is quite long (1m20). For a U, this lock is compact and relatively lightweight (1.2kg). This is an excellent antitheft for your bike.

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Abus Bordo Granite 6500

Best bike lock for anti-theft – Strong and practical locks for bicycle (3)

The best folding lock is the Abus Bordo Granite 6500. It is a very resistant antitheft and more practical than a U lock. It offers the best safety level. Once folded, this antitheft is easier to transport. Once unfolded, this 85 cm long lock is easier to hang at a fixed point. The thickness of the plates is 5.5 mm. This antitheft weighs (1.58 kg). It is therefore quite heavy. It is heavier and less safe than the Abus Granit X-Plus 540 but it is still easier to carry.

Compared to its price, this lock is suitable for a bike that is expensive as an electric bike for example.

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Kryptonite New York Noose 1275

Best bike lock for anti-theft – Strong and practical locks for bicycle (4)

The Kryptonite New York Noose 1275 is the best anti-theft chain for your bicycle. It is a high-security lock with an innovative crossbar lock. The steel links in the chain are 12 mm thick. This chain weighs very heavily (3.2 kg) and is therefore not suitable for everyday use. It is quite expensive but offers a high level of security.

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Kryptonite Mini Fahgettaboudit

Best bike lock for anti-theft – Strong and practical locks for bicycle (5)

The Kryptonite Mini Fahgettaboudit is the lock that offers the best level of security simply. This lock is small and super strong. The 18mm Kryptonium steel handle will withstand cutting pliers and lever attacks. It is heavy (2 kg) but this lock inspires confidence.

If you are in an area at high risk of theft, this lock is perfect for a bike that is expensive and if the weight is not a problem for you.

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Best bike lock for anti-theft – Strong and practical locks for bicycle (6)

The padlock is designed with a double bolt mechanism that protects both sides at the crossbar. This ensures high tensile strength. There is also a 1.2-meter flexible braided cable for added safety or to lock multiple bikes together. In addition, its features include a robust mounting bracket, a single-release release button, and a velcro strap.

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Best bike lock for anti-theft – Strong and practical locks for bicycle (7)

The 5-digit combination allows 10,000 possibilities, making this lock impossible to decipher. The safety cable has robust woven steel wires, highly resistant to cutting attempts. The vinyl coating allows you to protect the frame from scratches.

Thanks to its compact size, it can be easily carried in a backpack or purse.

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How to choose a bike lock?

A bike lock is a basic accessory for a cyclist. It’s even more useful than a bike GPS, a walking bicycle pump with a manometer, or a bicycle mini pump. Here are the three essential criteria for choosing a security:

Security level

In a high-risk area, the highest level of security is recommended. Each brand of locks offers its own security level scoring system. But these different systems make comparisons difficult. Much to rely on independent tests on sites recognized as Sold Secure.

The type of lock

You have the choice between U-lock, folding anti-theft, anti-theft chain, or cable lock. You must find the best compromise between price, security, and practicality. U-locks and anti-theft chains offer the best security but are difficult to transport. Foldable locks are more convenient for transportation but do not offer the same level of security. Anti-theft cables are cheap but offer no security against theft.

Anti-theft brand

There are many brands and the top three are Abus, Kryptonite, and OnGuard. To have the best quality, you have to choose the German brand Abus. For the best after-sales service, a Kryptonite lock is the best choice. For the best price, take an OnGuard lock.

What is the best bike lock?

For most cyclists, Kryptonite KryptoLok Series 2 is the best value-for-money anti-theft device. Although, it’s all up to you. You can choose the bike lock for anti-theft that suits you best. We can assure you that all the bike locks listed here have the best quality and performance. What is the best security for your bike, in your opinion?








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