How Much Does a Pontoon Boat Weigh? Dry Weight or With a Trailer (2023)


Do you want to know how much a pontoon boat weighs?

It’s an important consideration if you are going to be towing yours on a trailer or need to understand better the weight distribution available once fully loaded with passengers and equipment.

On average, a pontoon boat will weigh around 2,200 pounds.

The average weights for pontoon weights that you see below only considers the weight of the actual boat, so you know how heavy it is at dry weight. I’ve put together a table of examples which show some of the most common pontoons lower down the page, which includes with trailer weight. You can see that further on, but first here are 10 examples of popular boats and how much they weigh dry with nothing else added.

  • Avalon LS Cruise 18 Foot – 1,350 pounds
  • Sun Tracker Bass Buggy – 1,420 pounds
  • Sweetwater SW 1880 FC – 1,600 pounds
  • Bennington 188SL – 1,663 pounds
  • Sylvan Mirage 8520 Cruise – 1,850 pounds
  • Avalon GS Fish 21 Foot – 1,850 pounds
  • Bennington 218SL – 1,896 pounds
  • Sylvan Mandalay 8525 Bar – 2,542 pounds
  • Aqua Patio AP 235 Sport 25 – 2,800 pounds
  • Harris Grand Mariner 250 – 3,526 pounds

Please note, the weights above are “dry weight”, in other words with no trailer.

I’ve also put together a pontoon weight calculator guide and capacity chart, but you can read that by clicking here instead. It lets you enter in your own weights and loads giving you an estimation on what your capacity will be.

Handy Hint: For a quick calculation, most pontoon boats will weigh around 100 pounds per square foot. This isn’t a hard and fast rule but could be all your need for a quick assessment.

Total Pontoon Weight Could Still Be Different Though

An important consideration is how your pontoon boat will weigh differently depending on the circumstances. For example, you might have heard the expression “dry weight”. This is how much the pontoon boat weighs with nothing on board, and no gas in the tank.

Dry weight is important to know when towing your pontoon with a trailer. If you know the pontoon boat and trailer weight, you are going to be able to figure out if your vehicle has enough power to transport everything to the lake or river.

Knowing what the pontoon boat weight with a trailer is could even be a factor in your deciding what type of vehicle you buy, for example, will a mini SUV be able to pull the entire load successfully?

But then that weight is going to be completely different to how much is weighs once it has a load on it, e.g. furniture, equipment, supplies, and your passengers.

This final weight calculation is going to be imperative based on what the boat manufacturer tells you the safe weight limit is for when the pontoon is actually on the water. You might also have some laws to adhere to depending on local legislation.

Being safe on the water should be your number one priority, as you should never, ever, exceed the pontoon weight limit according to the boat’s safety rating.

That’s not the only thing to consider though.

You also have the performance to take into account.

The heavier your boat, and the more load it carries, then the slower it’s going to go. If it’s fully loaded with gear and passengers, you might struggle to get decent speed, particularly if you are looking to tow inflatables or skiers behind it.

That’s why you will often see pontooners out on the lake only taking groups of passengers at one time, whilst the rest remain on shore.

Did You Know? The average pontoon boat that you see on the lakes and rivers will weigh approximately 2,200 pounds once it’s loaded with gear and passengers.

Pontoon Boat & Trailer Weight (Package Weight)

And here are some example pontoon boat weights in a tabular format. I’ve included some of the most current and popular models in the country. Package weight refers to how much everything weighs once the trailer is put into the equation.

Look to the third column to see how much a pontoon boat weighs with a trailer.

Pontoon Boat ModelDry WeightPackage Weight (with Trailer)
Sun Tracker Bass Buggy1,420 pounds2,932 pounds
Avalon LS Cruise 18 Foot1,350 pounds2,862 pounds
Avalon GS Fish 21 Foot1,850 pounds3,400 pounds
Bennington 188SL1,663 pounds3,263 pounds
Bennington 218SL1,896 pounds3,596 pounds
Aqua Patio AP 235 Sport-252,800 pounds3,623 pounds
Sweetwater SW 1880 FC1,600 pounds2,275 pounds
Sylvan Mandalay 8525 Bar2,542 pounds4,142 pounds
Sylvan Mirage 8520 Cruise1,850 pounds3,500 pounds
Harris Boats Grand Mariner 2503,526 pounds5,526 pounds

Other Load Items to Consider for Weight Limits

Another aspect worth considering when wanting to know how much a pontoon boat weighs would be the loads that you will be placing onto it.

For example, the following items will add weight that you might have neglected to consider, especially if you know what your pontoon boat weight limit is, or how much your trailer can hold.

  • 30 gallons of gas can add approximately 185 pounds (83kg)
  • One average male passenger will add 195 pounds (88kg)
  • 10 liters of water on board will add 22 pounds (10kg)

Considerations When Towing on a Trailer

The above really just a rough guide, you always consult the manufacturer websites to see the exact weights.

Once you know your pontoon boat weight with trailer you can safely know how you are going to be able to tow the entire package.

If we look at the average weight of a trailer being around 1,200 pounds, and the average boat weight being around 2,200 then that’s going to give you 3,600 pounds that your vehicle is going to have to be able to safely tow.

You must check how much weight your truck or SUV can handle before you even hook the trailer and boat up. The consequences for not doing so can be extremely dangerous, as well as illegal in some cases.

Always play it safe and ensure that your vehicle has 2,500 pounds more towing capacity than you actually need. This should keep you safer and mean wind and hills won’t present such a problem.

Other Crucial Components Influencing Pontoon Boat Weight

Understanding factors affecting a pontoon boat’s weight is essential for proper transportation, storage, and safe operation. The primary factors include the number of pontoons, construction materials, and motor size and weight.

Number of Pontoons:

A pontoon boat’s weight varies depending on the number of pontoons in its design. Traditional dual-pontoon boats are lighter than tri-toon boats, which have a third pontoon for extra buoyancy and structural support. This extra weight can impact performance, handling, and fuel efficiency.

Construction Materials:

Materials such as aluminum, fiberglass, and wood significantly affect a boat’s weight. Aluminum is lightweight and corrosion-resistant, whereas fiberglass offers increased strength and durability at a heavier weight. Wooden boats can be even heavier, depending on the wood type and hull thickness.

Size and Weight of the Motor:

The motor is another vital factor in a pontoon boat’s weight. Heavier engines with more power can affect performance, fuel efficiency, and handling. Outboard motors are lighter than inboard motors, providing a weight-saving advantage. Choosing a suitable motor for the boat’s size and purpose ensures optimal performance and weight balance.

Final Thoughts

I hope that this has helped you when asking how heavy is a pontoon boat?

It’s so important to consider not just the dry weight, but also how much it’s going to weigh once the trailer and load is added into the mix.

This guide should act very much as a rough guide, and by no means should you consider it gospel. Always talk to your dealer or look at the manufacturer’s websites to see what they say the weights are before you trailer up or head out onto the water.



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